Hey Fellow Wyoming Small Business Owners

RISING TIDES LIFTS ALL SHIPS truly should be a way of any small business! We should be lifted so we can lift others! I hope this encourages you all to boast about how awesome we are here in good ole’ Wyo!

Please give a shout out to my assistant, Jen, whom some of you have been conversing with thru email, SHE NOW WANTS TO MOVE HERE after seeing how awesome you are! Also, Morgan Halverson has been extremely instrumental in helping find you all and help coordinate! She has given a lot of her time with no expectations other than her obvious love for small businesses.

Below you will find some graphics you can use to share with your audience in email or social media, and some wording (sales pitch!) you can copy to use in an email, social post or webistes! Of course feel free to do your thang, but my goal was and is to provide you all with stupid easy ways to promote yourself and others. 

This only works if you share your little hearts out! So please share as often and as many times as you’d like across your socials, websites and email! We have created a hashtag for all to use! It will be #lbcgiftguide

xoxo, Sam

1. Grab the link to The Guide here!

This is the link you can use to send people to The Guide! Be sure to keep it handy when getting ready to share.  https://lbchomemarket.com/2020-wyoming-holiday-gift-guide/

2. Grab your shareable Social Media graphics

Screenshot or click on any of these graphics to download and share in an email, on Facebook, Instagram, or wherever your people hang out! Don’t forget to include a link to the guide when you post about it! You can find the Shopping Guide HERE: https://lbchomemarket.com/2020-wyoming-holiday-gift-guide/

You can also grab a pdf visual guide HERE.

3. Copy/Paste this to send in an email!

If you have an email list, you can copy/paste this wording into an email and send it out! You can also use this wording for a social media post!

Do you need an amazing gift idea this Holiday Season!?

All us Wyoming Small Businesses have you covered!

Please check out what Wyoming has to offer in the 2020 Wyoming Small Business Gift Guide!

Scroll thru over 60 Wyoming run and operated businesses with easy links to purchase or find out more!

If you purchase from any one of our listings please share with us on your social medias and tag us/them and use the hashtag #lbcgiftguide!

Happy Shopping!