My Favorite Re-Finishing Products

My Favorite Re-Finishing Products

I know it can be daunting to start you first piece to refinish. I have gathered some of my favorite product to hopefully help you ease into it!!

Firstly, let’s talk about the importance of making sure you piece is clean!! This is probably the most important step to painting. It’s kind of annoying, but it is a must!! You want to make sure all contaminantes are off your piece.

I have 2 products that I use for this….one is TSP and the other is Krud Kutter.

There are a ton of ways to get you piece clean but these are my top ones!!

Another prep material is Sandpaper. Sometimes I can get away without sanding a piece but usually I have to, to some extent. I usually have about several different grits on hand! I have 100 or 150, 220 or 320 and 1000. 100/150 is great for quickly removing old stain or anything that might need to be removed quickly. 220/320 are great for distressing without taking off a lot of your paint! And 1000 is my go to for smoothing out a finish without removing any paint. I use 1000 a lot before waxing!

Next up is Primer!! Now I do use a lot if Chalk Type Paints so primer isn’t always necessary. It also depends on what finish I am trying to achieve. Using a primer can allow you to not only use chalk paints but to also use normal Latex household paint. Both primers are from Zinsser. B-I-N Primer is great for stain blocking and priming a stained surface that might lead to bleed thru from the previous stain. Bull’s Eye 1-2-3 offers both water based and oil based. I use water based if I am using white chalk paint to put a coat of white primer down before I use white Chalk Type Paint. This gives me better coverage of white paint. Oil based primer is great for surfaces that normally paint wouldn’t adhear to like, lamiante. Also, did you know you can tint your primer??!!


Next, is Brushes!! I use several different brushes for refinishing. I will use Purdy or Wooster angled brushes if I need to be really detailed. These brushes were my go to for many years until I started selling Country Chic paints. They have some paint brushes that have totally been a game changer as far as the final finish, these brushes make applying chalk tyoe paint a breeze!! I occasionally will use chip brushes they are not my favorite but can be multi functional. I use them for painting, waxing and sometimes staining. Finally I always have foam brushes on hand for staining and putting on top coats and lacqures!!

Finally, waxes and top coats!! I use a lot of Minwax Finishing Paste and of course Country Chic has a ton of colored waxes that I use a lot to create different types of finishes. As far as top coats go I have 3 that are my go to’s…Watco Clear Lacquer in Satin which is Oil Based and great for stained surfaces. Varathane’s Soft Touch Polyurethane in Matte. And lastly Varathane’s Ultimate Polyurethane in Satin. The last two are both water based and great for over paint and stained surfaces. And I use one or the other depending on what sheen I am wanting!!

Now there are a million ways to refinish furniture, these are just products that I reach for on a weekly basis to help me conquer my projects!! Hopefully this helps you at least get started and take the fear out of tackling your next piece!!
Happy Painting!!

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