Lee Brennon Charles Pepper Infused Vodka

Can you all tell that we love our cocktails!?!? Well, we do!! I’m sure you’ve seen infused vodka at some of your favorite restaurants and distilleries, this is our little rendition to add to your Bloody Mary’s!

You can adjust this to your liking but these are some things that we add to ours! And…. don’t be afraid that this will be too spicy, its really the perfect balance!


All of these vegies and/or fruits can be left in large chunks!

Your favorite vodka

Vegetable/Fruit Ideas

Bell peppers of any color (we also use the small snack peppers), onion, whole garlic cloves, celery, jalapeno, serrano peppers, habanero pepper,  pineapple, cucumbers, cherry tomatoes left whole.

Add all ingredients to a large pitcher or a container with a spout on it! Marinate all the veggies in vodka for at least 24 hours prior to serving.

This is great served in a beautiful clear spouted container with all the vegetables in it! Be sure to strain off the vodka once you’re done. You can save the strained vodka for quite a while once separated and keep chilled in the fridge. We store ours in mason jars with lids! Serve with your favorite Bloody Mary Mix and its that easy!! Also great for a crowd!



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