Anniversary Celebration!


WHAT?? I can’t believe its already been a year since I opened my little “Carriage House” Turned Home Market!! It truly has been a great year!!

Firstly, I have to say a huge THANK YOU to my family for sticking behind me throughout the craziness as we find our way through some of the chaos!! This journey would not be possible without the help and support of MR. LBC and the 3 little men of the LBC, my extended family, my in laws, Mom, Dad, Brother and their wives,  and many Friends and Clients! They each in their own way have supported me and encouraged me more than they will ever know!!

BUT, most importantly and an even BIGGER Thank You to all my wonderful Customers that have supported me from day one!! If you happened to join us last April 29th it truly was a wild and crazy opening day!!

This coming Saturday, April 28th we will be in full celebration mode!! Of course we LOVE to have friends join us!! So we’ve got a great line up to make the day even better!!

Penny’s Purses Bling and Décor will be here with a TON of new Spring Fashions….

RetRo’s Road Trip will have a truck full of furniture and Home Décor….

And of course a Celebration would not be complete without a celebratory snack! Frosted Tops will have some sweet treats for us!!

And…..we’ll have to have a snack and beverage or two!

As I sit here typing this is has dawned on me of how people come into our lives at certain times and you never see the big picture!!

A little back story about my clan that will be joining us! I have known Penny for years! I’ve done her nails on and off for probably 10 plus years! Then later to find out her son and my husband were best friends growing up!

She and I shared a space above what was RetR’os (now Rustic Cottage) years ago!! I did nails in one room and she had her clothing, purses and jewelry in the other! Rochelle and her sister Katherine had the main level for all their finds that they now take on the road! But, Rochelle is just the mama to my best friend growing up, Brynn, that now also helps fill the truck with goodies!!

We live in a “small town” its really not compared to some, but we definitely have the small town feel where everyone knows everyone!! And when you need a clan to party with, you know who to call!!

So an even BIGGER thank you to Penny, Rochelle, Katherine, Brynn, Annie and Frosted Tops for joining me in celebrating!! Its going to be a good day!!

We hope to see old faces and new faces, here’s the link to our event page!!




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