Welcome to Lee Brennon Charles Home Market

If you’ve stumbled upon this page I Welcome you!!

We are family owned brick and mortar Home Decor store located in Casper, Wyoming!! We have taken our former garage and made it into a “Home Market” for all kinds of things for the home! My mission is to bring a variety of home decor options! I do not have a specific style other than I love to meld new and old things to create a very collected look. With that being said I like to curate a store that has things that I have gathered from Wholesale Markets plus things that I gather from flea market, thrift stores and garage sales. 

We also offer Country Chic All In One Paint, which is a clay based chalk finish paint. I use this paint a lot when refinishing furniture and this also allows my customers to tackle their own projects!!

You will find an array of merchandise at our store at any given time. Like re-loved furniture, floral and greenery, glassware, clocks, architectural salvage, candles, lighting, wall decor and the occasional Holiday and gift item.

I also love to bring in the unexpected item to use for decor. At the moment we have a lighted Impala front grill on our wall which always draw the men in!! And we also have a man basket that was once used for rescue teams. It is now a light fixture!! I like to take things and use them in unconventional ways and also use things that aren’t necessarily decor! We also offer Custom Painting and Refinishing along with Home Design Serices.

My hope is that every person that finds me leaves inspired and encouraged to endure their own creativeness. I love to decorate, design and accessorize my own home and I hope that my passion can be infectious. I also love teaching and guiding people how to turn old pieces of furniture into something they can fall in love with.  If I can offer my customers an array of options that can truly fit anyone that comes my way, I will be truly successful!!

Please take your purchase or an idea, take it back to your home to create beautiful spaces and beautiful pieces that will turn your house into a home.

With Love,